Hi there
Hi Everyone,

Some of you might recognize me. For those that do not, I've been in micronationalism since 2001 and spend most of my available micronational time reporting through the Coprieta Standard. To that end, I've joined the forums so that I can be more familiar with the goings-on in Silofais for news reporting purposes. Note that I am not a citizen, just a presence of the intermicronational news media so to speak. 

I would like to congratulate each of you on your efforts so far with Silofais. The amount of work done to support the launch of this project and to organize its government thus far is impressive. I can't think of any other micronation in more than a decade that has had such a firm organizational/legislative foundation put in place from the outset. That so many of you came together to launch Silofais makes this a particularly unique project.

Foreign Journalist with the Coprieta Standard.
Thank you, and welcome to the forums, Liam!

I for one would like to think of you as our Tocqueville Wink
Speaker of the Chamber of Delegates
Great to see you here!

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